CamaroonMaking our world mission outreach personal, St. Peter’s continues to identify individuals and Pan-denomination World Mission organizations to support with regular prayers, offerings, and efforts.

Spurred by a friendship between Pastor Reese and Franciscan Sister Rosemary, St. Peter’s has been supporting a small Christian hospital that serves thousands of people in the West African nation of Cameroon. St. Peter’s has delighted to host several nursing students who train at Viterbo and then return to the native country to begin their medical mission of healing and helping with the love of Jesus. We remember our African friends Kungmo and Eukeria, Venantius, Donatus, and Victor with love and thanksgiving.

Like the Good Samaritan who showed mercy on a traveler beset by thieves, St. Peter’s Good Samaritan Fund supports local missions, needs within the tri-state area. In recent months, the fund has given emergency fuel support to the needy in the community, has helped a family rebuild after a flood took their home, and has helped with medical bills for several seriously ill people and their families.
Every Sunday at 8:00 a.m. on KNEI 103.5 FM, a five minute devotion airs over a 60 mile broadcast radius, usually based on the lessons to be read in the Church that day. What a grand way to share God’s living hope in Christ to our region.

St. Peters supports The Way Station, and outreach center in New Albin which relies on the support of all of the Christian churches in the area. The Way Station provides a food bank,  a thrift shop, youth center, and weekly free movies for the community. St. Peter’s supports The Way station through an annual donation and the labors of many of its member who volunteer for the various programs.

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