Sermon Outline

September 16, 2012    38th Sunday of the Year

“Speaking with a Straight Tongue”

And the tongue is a fire…”  James 3:6


Introduction: Four pastors met regularly for a prayer and mutual support and one day…..


The Human tongue is like….

A bit, a rudder, a spark in a dry forest, a restless evil, full of poison, brackish water, a hypocrite…..[James 3:1-12; Prov.20:19; 21:23; Eccl.3:7; 1Pt.3:10; John 8:44]


Words can destroy a reputation

No one appreciates a gossip unless they are

A gossip; liars have few friends; filthy

words/language brings disgrace. [Eph.4:29;

Col.4:6; Prov.19:1; Titus 3:2]


Words can destroy a Church…

Complaining, Us/Them, Contra-Pastor,

WNDITWB  [Prov. 26:20-22; Jer.18:18;

Mt. 12:33-37; 1Cor.1:8f]


Words can destroy eternal life…

The Christian faith is a public profession of an inward re-birth shown in thoughts, words, and deeds. [Rom.10:9-10; 1Jn.1:9; Lk.13:3; Joel 2:32]


And words can communicate….

“Lord I believe; Help my unbelief…” “Truly He is the Son of God.” “Lord, Remember me when You come into Your kingdom.” “My Lord and my God.” “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” [Mk.9:24; Mt. 27:24; Lk.23:42; Jn.20:28; Mt. 16:16]


 Conclusion: Your stone…..


Reflection Questions…..

Gossip? Who do you talk about? Why?

Liars need remember everything they say. Why?  Pray for those you know who lie.

† What one beautiful thing can you say with your tongue today? Tomorrow and……..