Sermon Outline

January 8, 2012 2nd Sunday of the Year

”Baptism is like Marriage….”

“On hearing this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.” Acts 19:6


X Introduction: Some things never change...


X John’s baptism by obedience and the baptism in Jesus’ name by grace

John’s baptism called people to repentance as they saw the Law before them; Jesus’ baptism was of God’s grace above them.


X Holy Baptism is like Marriage…


Christians do it only once! Getting baptized more than once is getting wet one time too many. We are sealed with Christ in baptism, not a Church. We promise our faithfulness. [Eph.4:4-5; Rom.6:3-4]


We give ourselves to another. We no longer live selfishly, we live for Christ. Life isn’t about me but about my life in Christ.

[Josh.24:1; Heb.13:4; Phil.1:21; Rom.12:1f]


We have new relatives. In-laws or out-laws when we bond in baptism we are linked with peculiar others. We are not to form factions or back-bite or gossip. We are to live in love.

[Col.3:16; Acts 2:47; 1Tim.2:8; 2John 1:9-11]


We welcome new life into our family. Procreation…We are to evangelize…invite others, support missions, talk up the local Church. New members are not intruders but new family.

[1Cor.9:22; Is.6:8; Mt. 9:37-38; Mt.12:30]


Until death we won’t part from Jesus.

No divorce for Christians...sometimes it is necessary. No divorce from Christ, never!

[Heb.13:8; John 14:15; Rom.6:4; Rev.2:10]


X Conclusion: St. Anthony’s cave and the Christian shoemaker….